The Farmhouse Signs Story

Farmhouse Signs - Taylorville, IL

It all started with a with one sign...

Back in 2014, I made a sign as a gift for my nephew. I was proud of it and flattered when people started asking me to make them a sign, but never really thought it would amount too much. But then I started thinking... what if I did start a business?

With the support of my husband and family, I decided to take the leap and start Farmhouse Signs. Using my home and garage as my workspace and spent the next four years raising three kids on a crazy little farm and cranking out signs. 

When an adorable storefront came up for rent in 2018 I went all in and opened Farmhouse Signs & Co. Now, I not only feature my handmade signs, but a variety of home decor and accessories. 

I'm still surprised and grateful everyday that people want to buy my signs. I put a little piece of my heart in each one just for you!

Farmhouse Signs & Co is located in Taylorville, IL.